Most of our tikis are carved from Sabal Palm, also known as cabbage palm, the Florida State Tree.  Palm Trees are not actually trees, they are considered a Monocot. Monocot stems do not produce wood, so they do not thicken by adding concentric, growth rings of cells, as woody dicots do. So there is no way to age them.  Monocot stems thicken through scattered vascular bundles, which are tube-like networks of cells conducting water and nutrients throughout the plant.

We tell you all this to say, your tiki will most likely still have moisture left in those vascular bundles. That moisture will want to leach out as the tiki dries. If the tiki is sealed with a clear coat protectant, most of the moisture will leak out of the bottom. We recommend placing the tiki on a planter or placemat. Every so often you can lift the tiki to clean under it. Sometimes the moisture will leach out in the cut lines of the tiki. We simply take a rag or old paintbrush and wipe the mildew off.

The good news that comes with the water leaching is that your tiki will get lighter and lighter as time goes on.  We have noticed about a 70% decrease in weight over a 2 year time period if the tiki is kept out of the elements.


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